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Ofbiz - emails, sms and order processing

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Programming & Development Database Design & Administration

I have an issue with sending emails and SMS to the rightful persons, including the product sellers, buyers, pickup person, delivery person, and admin user. There are two delivery options: pickup by myself and home delivery. 

Additionally, all the data and information about the order must be sent to a checkoutDB database. This database with table has already been constructed, and all information from any buyer, from adding to cart, through to payment, and order processing or to be processed, including email and SMS, must be stored in the checkoutDB. 

We are only migrating everything about adding to cart, through checkout to payment, and order processing must be saved in the checkoutDB.

The order process flow is attached. The system have been implemented and the SMS and the conditions to whome the SMS and email must be sent are incorrectly sent.  

Sellers and suppliers might handle the order to be one of the folloiwng:

1) Accept All

2) partial Acceptance

3) decline All

4) no Response

The two cases, 'home delivery' and 'pickup by myself,' are for the following scenarios:

1) admin_supplier, seller, errand, pula, and driver for home delivery, And this all sellers/suppliers must make sure that product availability is clicked (meaning that all the products are available before a taxi booking is initiated which is an API tom be called. Once all sellers click that product are available, then that click must trigger the taxi booking. Here the sellers will all be waiting for a taxi to accept delivery by calling the vendor_booking API.

Next when the taxi driver accepts - meaning that the vendor_booking_info API is not empty (or result of the string does not read - "waiting for taxi"). This is how we check if driver have accepted or not. This  we can wait to check the taxi API 3 different times (if 30 minutes is set then we try 5 minutes, next 10 minutes, and next next 15 minutes). If no one receives then we stop the order. This means we must tell the sellers there iis no driver so order cancelled. Here we send message to buyer too saying there is no driver available so order cancelled

And when the driver accepts, then we tell all sellers to get their products ready for pickup. And at the same time we tell all the respective errand associated with the suppliers/sellers to get ready to pickup  the stuffs to picxkup location. This step follows the same case as pickuop by myself in the second case.

2) admin_supplier, seller, errand, pula, and pick-up persons for pickup, must all function properly.

3) There is a partial case for home delivery and pickup by myself. However, it is up to you whether you will do us the favor of fixing it or penalizing us by leaving it. The partial case arises when either at least one seller: i) does not respond, ii) clicks 'decline all,' iii) indicates that some products are unavailable, iv) changes the quantity in stock, or v) at least one seller has any combination of the above, and the two cases mentioned above do not hold.

Finally, the quarantine and decline conditions are associated with 'declineAll' and 'noResponse' cases. These instances are akin to event handling when sellers do not respond to the order at all or when sellers click on the 'declineAll' button. These two situations are to be effective in the following cases:

i) When a seller or admin_supplier does not respond within the quarantine period in both scenarios, it must result in their products being removed from the website. ii) When all sellers click 'decline all,' it must result in their products being quarantined.

These issues relating to noRespone and acceptAll require that emails and SMS notifications function properly. Regarding the partial case we worked on together, if we can ensure it operates in alignment with its previous functionality, that would be excellent. It appears that the taxi application driver issue has been fixed.

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