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Database development is a branch of software engineering which deals with data structure and backend systems for business applications that collect and process data. It is a mainstream software development skill which finds applications in all areas of software development because database and data structures form the basis of all software applications. For example, a software application designed for managing inventory of rooms in hotels will have a backend database that will keep track of available room inventory and transactional data related to each booking.

What Do Freelance Database Developers Do?

Freelance Database developers work with relational database systems and data structures to create backend systems for various software applications used in different businesses. Hire database developers who can conceptualize data models for various business applications and build relational database which support ease of data collection and retrieval. Typically, database application development is conducted on database systems such as MySQL, Oracle, Dbase3+ and Filemaker. They specialize in understanding the data requirements of a business and accordingly, design a series of related tables through which data is captured. They also create complicated queries to enable formulation of complex reports which are compiled by retrieving transactional data from numerous tables. Highly skilled developers can create normalized database structures which lead to development of streamlined applications that can be scaled easily, as and when required. MySQL developers are the most sought after backend developers as MySQL is a widely used database system and it is deployed on most Linux servers.

If you are looking to hire a freelancer online for your database application development needs, you need to ensure that the database developer has:

  • A very good understanding of database models as well as the ability to grasp the information needs of the business.

  • The ability to design complex queries and thereby, help in generating insightful reports for the business.

  • The ability to update backend systems in line with changing needs of a business.

  • The capability to maintain data effectively and retrieve it for crisis management protocols.

Qualifications of Freelance Database Developers

It is ideal that your freelance database developer has:

  • Theoretical understanding of database systems and database architecture, and a thorough knowledge of MySQL.

  • The ability to code in server site and languages like PHP, Python, Java and DotNet.

  • Working knowledge of database systems like PostGRE, Dbase3+, MS Access and Filemaker.

Benefits of Hiring Freelance Database Developers

As a lot of businesses are looking for freelance database developers for their database application development needs, hence number of skilled professionals have started offering online freelance services on some of the top freelance marketplaces, like Guru. They have a lot of experience in working with different clients for their data requirements, and their cumulative knowledge and experience can help you with your database needs.

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