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Hire UX Designers to Create a Great User Experience for Your Customers

User experience (UX) is the way users feel when they interact with a computer interface system such as websites, web applications, mobile applications, or desktop software. User experience and design are often confused with the user interface, though the two are quite different. User experience design is the technical and analytical side of design whereas user interface design is more the aesthetics side of design. UX designers are involved in the design of digital products and services, such as websites and mobile apps for end-users.

What Jobs Does a Freelance UX Designer Do?

The main responsibility of a UX designer is to ensure that the user experience on the platform is smooth and interactive. Freelance UX designers try to understand the underlying emotional and functional needs of the end-users of a platform and then make efforts to incorporate these needs into the complete design. UX designers conduct user research, design, write UX copy, conduct user tests, and make the necessary alterations and then present the final design solution to the client. Final products are typically a website or app design, but you can hire a UX designer for any of your design needs.

Why Hire a UX Designer or Design Services

You can hire UX designers who work with organizations across the spectrum and are typically seen associated with telecommunication and software development companies, educational institutes, financial institutions, and even consulting agencies. UX designers design wireframes and build prototypes and basically fix the experience a user has on a mobile application, company website, or an online site. In recent years, there has been growing importance on providing users with the best possible experience and hence, these UI/UX designers are widely seen across businesses. You can hire freelance UI designers who conceptualize and develop the entire appearance of a website, web pages, and apps, keeping in mind logic, usability, usefulness, transitions, accessibility, attractiveness, and data presentation. You can also connect and hire freelance web designer, you can expect your website design to comply with the latest trends and balance well with your preferences too. If you want to find freelance graphic designers who can design images and other visuals around a given concept, you can post a design job on Guru.

Because of the boom in digital platforms, UX design is one of the most demanded profiles and there are a number of UX designers who can be found online with the skills and talent necessary for your project. A UI designer can be a professional or a student looking at doing small online website or app design jobs from home.

Things to Consider When Hiring UX Designers

If you wish to hire a UI designer, make sure your freelancer can:

  • Conduct design brainstorming sessions with clients along with user research.

  • Create product prototypes, wireframes, storyboards, sitemaps, and screen flows for the UX design.

  • Work with UI designers to implement attractive designs.

  • Communicate design ideas and prototypes to web developers.

  • Identify design problems and devise elegant solutions.

  • Assist with content development.

  • Conduct competitor and customer analysis.

Qualifications of Freelance UX Designers

To know how to hire a freelance UX Designer, it is important for your freelancer to have the following skills:

  • Professional education in design or computer science or related disciplines

  • Natural aptitude and passion for coding and design

  • Design and spatial skills to gauge the usability of the platform

  • Excellent IT and programming skills

  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills

  • Attention to detail and ability to work methodically

  • Strong narrative and editorial design skills

When hiring UX designers, make sure to have a look at their portfolio to assess whether their skills match your design requirements.

Benefits of Hiring Freelance UX Designers

Let’s take a look at the benefits of hiring a freelance UX designer for you website or app design:

1. Quick Turnaround

Typically, freelance UX designers take up only a couple of design projects at a time and are thus able to focus on your project and dedicate their time and resources to it.

So, if you have tight deadlines or need urgent changes made to your website or app, these design freelancers can make the difference between gaining and losing customers.

2. Additional Services

A UX designer may also provide additional services such as graphic design and copywriting and can package their design services, making them cost-efficient. If you are looking for professional and affordable UX design, freelancing is one of the best options on the market.

3. Higher Profit

When you hire a UX designer, they can create a great user experience for customers and help increase your profits.

4. Cost-Effective 

When you hire a freelance UX designer, you save on expenses like office space, benefits, and work equipment (laptops, tablets, PCs). This helps you lower the project cost and pay less than you initially planned for your app design.

5. Wider Talent Pool

Platforms like Guru aren’t limited by geographical boundaries, which means you can tap into a massive talent pool and find expert UX designers with the experience, skill, and creativity you need

How Much Does It Cost to Hire a UX Designer?

Depending on the scope of your design project, project requirements, and user testing, a UX designer will cost around $25 to $75 an hour. However, if you’re going for specialized services, such as wireframing, testing, or storyboarding, you’ll reach costs of $30 to $70 an hour. 

Plus, while most freelance UX designers charge an hourly rate to better track their time spent, some may charge per-project rates or provide up-front bills. These can range anywhere from $25 to more than $1,000. 

How to Find a Freelance UX Designer 

1. Understand Your Requirements

Before jumping into the talent hunt, find out what you want from your UX designer. This means identifying where you are in the project roadmap: product discovery, production, or refining. 

If you’re in the product discovery phase, you’ll need to hire a UX designer with experience in user research, brand positioning, and value propositions. If you’re refining your product, you’ll require them to focus on conducting a user experience audit and improving overall usability. 

2. Find Freelance UX Designers 

Once you know what you want from your UX designer, start the hunt. Look for designers on freelance platforms like Guru and filtering the results based on your design requirements. Compile a list of at least five UX designers when researching. 

You should also look at each freelancer’s UX design portfolio, client feedback, and current and previous projects to determine if they’re a good fit before adding them to your list. 

3.  Reach Out

After you’ve created your final list, reach out to each UX designer and set up a meeting to understand whether they have the experience and insight to help you create what you’re looking for. Here are some questions you can ask each UX designer:

  • “What is your current availability, and how long can you work on this design project?”

  • “Have you worked on something like this before? What did you learn from the experience, and what would you improve going forward?”

  • “Now that you’re aware of the project challenges, what tasks will you be most comfortable taking on? Do you foresee any issues, and if so, how will you resolve them?”

  • “How will you communicate with me (such as through Slack, Skype, Asana, or Zoom)?”

4. Recap Your Requirements and Get Started

After you’ve defined your design requirements and settled on the person you’d like to work with, recap your project scope and deliverables, special requirements, tech specifications, timelines, and deadlines with your UX designer.

Once you’ve settled and confirmed what you expect, finalize any terms and start your contract. You can track your project right on the Guru platform!

Guru Tip:

The Status Update feature helps you keep track of your freelancer’s progress on the job. Depending on your agreement, you can use this feature on Guru.

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