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Hire Freelance Front-End Developers for Your Web Development Jobs

Front end development or client-side development refers to creating a graphical software interface with which users can interact. Front end software development is typically done by writing codes in HTML, CSS, or JavaScript for websites and web applications. Front end development is challenging as the interfaces are judged by a wide variety of platform users, and the software has to satisfy the needs and preferences of a majority of them. The software interfaces need to have content structured in an easy-to-understand manner with appealing graphics that enhance the content. The platform also has to be responsive, which means that the design is consistent across devices of different sizes and resolutions. People or businesses generally hire freelance front-end developers when they want to create a personal or business website or a mobile application. If you have similar jobs, you can go for expert online freelance services of remote freelance front-end developers.

What Does a Front-End Developer Do?

Front-end developers use web technologies such as HTML, DOM, CSS, and JavaScript to develop and architect websites and software applications. These technologies help developers work on different aspects of the web page. HTML gives the basic structure and layout to the site while CSS controls the look and presentation of the site. CSS is also used for ensuring consistency of the website or application across different browsers and devices. JavaScript is used to make web pages dynamic where user inputs can be received and outputs can be generated. Based on the front end design, back end developers connect data to databases and ensure that the flow of data between the client and browser takes place quickly and easily to create a seamless experience.

If you would like to hire a remote freelance front-end developer for your business or personal projects, you can connect with expert front-end developers on the top freelance marketplaces. Before you opt for hiring front-end developers, you need to ensure that the developer:

  • Has advanced knowledge of HTML, JavaScript, CSS, DOM, HTTP/URL, and browsers

  • Is skilled in cross-browser testing, cross-platform testing, unit testing, load testing, and performance testing

  • Has a strong skill set in functional programming, user interface design, user experience, web font embedding, object-oriented programming, e-commerce systems, and portal systems.

Hiring a remote front-end web developer with these qualifications will help ensure that they have the skills and talent necessary to successfully complete your project. You will find countless freelance candidates on Guru and are sure to find a developer with the talent you need.

Qualifications of a Front-End Web Developer

Expert front end developers have a keen eye for design and content layout on a web page or software application. Here are some of the qualifications you should look for before you hire a freelance front-end developer.

  • Professional education and training in computer science, web development, software development, programming languages, and web technologies

  • Familiarity with search engine optimization, HTML semantics, browser security, and template strategies

  • Extensive portfolio of several web pages and applications developed for various clients

You can find a variety of candidates for your projects on Guru. Our site has front-end developers with different talent levels and salary expectations, so you are sure to find a freelance developer that meets your project needs. Hiring a remote front-end developer will be a worthwhile investment for your business.

Benefits of Hiring Freelance Front-End Developers

  • Remote front-end developers can create an appealing user interface and graphics to keep your visitors engaged with your products and services

  • Front-end developers can perform search engine optimization for your website and application so that you can attract the maximum visitors to your web pages

  • Front-end developers can make your design scalable and responsive so that users using any type of device can access your software or website pages

Writing a Job Post to Hire Front-End Developers

Hiring a great front-end developer on Guru is seamless and straightforward. The first step when hiring a freelance front-end developer is to create a job post detailing the skills, abilities, and experience level necessary for your project. 

Developers vary from highly proficient candidates with years of expertise working with AJAX, and other popular software programming languages, to junior coders who can handle app updates, reformatting website wireframes, and other more basic tasks. You can make it clear in your project title what level of front-end developer you require, including:

  • Any tools, frameworks, or coding languages developers will need to use

  • A project overview, itemizing the scope and overall objective you want to hire a developer to deliver

  • Additional specifications, including whether you need developers to be willing to sign an NDA

If you already have a creative brief, website mock-up, or design template, you can attach it to your job post so the developers have complete oversight of the deliverables.

Front-End Freelance Developer Jobs

A professional front-end developer can assist with a broad range of tasks. Before hiring a front-end developer, it's best to have a clear idea of the project scope, deadlines, and pay rates. A professional front-end developer can:

  • Build custom websites, gaming assets, content management systems, or interactive chatbots

  • Reformat apps and landing pages to add responsive functionality and advanced personalization

  • Create tailored tools to improve customer experiences and SEO optimization

  • Fix bugs, detect glitches, and boost loading speeds or search accuracy

The front end of your website, app, or game is the interface your visitors or customers interact with. Any projects that address this, and require technological expertise, may command a skilled front-end developer.

How to Hire Front-End Developers

As you begin the process of hiring a front-end programmer for your app or website, there are several important considerations you have to make to ensure the person you hire is up for the project. Here are the main skills to consider when you’re hiring front-end developers:

Familiarity with User Experience

Because users will be interacting with the front end of your app or website daily, your developers should ensure that the final product offers the best user experience. The user interface should be easy to use and navigable.

To achieve this, your developers must appreciate how users behave and use technology. Programmers must understand the needs of your target users to develop an interface that meets those needs.

Proficiency in Programming Languages

A professional front-end developer must have exceptional proficiency in the main programming languages, including HTML (HyperText Markup Language), Java, and CSS (Cascading Style Sheets), among others. The developer you hire should have a good mastery of at least HTML and CSS languages–these languages will enable the developer to write clear and effective code that is in line with the best front-end practices.

Make sure your developer is proficient in PHP, another common programming language for front-end development projects. Your front-end developers should be able to use this language together with CSS and HTML for dynamic web pages.

Understanding of Responsive Designs

In this era of smart mobile devices, web users want products that are compatible with all devices for convenience. Therefore, one of the main responsibilities of your front-end developers is to ensure that the user interface is fully responsive to allow users to access your site or app on their mobile devices, laptops, and desktops.

So, the developers must be able to utilize media queries as well as breakpoints to ensure that the site or app functions properly on every device. Front-end developers should also be able to use JavaScript and jQuery languages to develop interactive features on each webpage.

Soft Skills

In addition to their technical skills, your front-end developer must have soft skills, including communication skills, attention to detail, attentive listening, problem-solving skills, team player, ability to learn new things, leadership skills, time management skills, and courage to ask questions when something isn’t clear.

Understanding of CSS Preprocessors

Your front-end developers should be able to use CSS preprocessors to write maintainable and scalable code. These tools enable developers to generate CSS rules automatically depending on their routine logic. This way, your developers can prevent repetition and maintain an efficient source code.

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