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What Is a Front-End Developer?

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In this digital era, websites and applications have become an integral part of life, connecting individuals, societies, and enterprises. These products are usually divided into two main interfaces: front-end and back-end interfaces. Both interfaces are developed by professional web developers who use codes to put everything in its rightful place.

Therefore, if you want to develop a website or an app, you have to hire a developer. Normally, you need to hire several developers to work on your front-end and back-end interfaces separately–this means that you should understand everything about a front-end developer versus a back-end developer.

In web development, a front-end developer is a programmer who develops the user interface. Also referred to as the client-side or the user-end, the front-end interface is developed using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript programming languages to allow users to use the website or application for their needs. In other words, the front-end interface is what the website or app user has access to.

The main role of a front-end developer is to ensure that users visiting your site or app have easy access to all the information and tools they need to do what they need to do on the site. The developer must ensure that the format used to develop the front-end of your site or app is readable and relevant.

Additionally, they must be aware of the fact that most website and app users today use various devices with different screen sizes. Therefore, they have to create a front-end that is responsive and compatible with all available electronic devices, including smartphones, tablets, laptops, and computers.

A front-end designer must also consider the varying screen resolutions of the various electronic devices used to access sites and apps when developing a front-end interface. This ensures that the website or app appears correctly in whatever browser, device, and operating system the user deploys. This goes to show how important it is for your front-end developer to plan their work properly.

What Does a Front-End Developer Do?

As noted above, a front-end developer is responsible for creating the design elements seen by the visitor when they access your site or application. So, the front-end developer will create your site’s user interface (UI), which determines the usability, effectiveness, and visibility of every part of your site.

So, as you prepare to develop a website or an app, you’ll need to hire a front-end developer to create the layout. They’ll determine where the images go on the site, what the navigation looks like, and the overall appearance of the site.

Most of their work will involve making sure the UI of your application or site is navigable and natural for your users. To perform these roles effectively, the front-end developer must have an eye for details and a firm understanding of the site or app they’re developing. So, you have to discuss with them at length about the most critical elements of the platform and how they should appear on the site.

Important Skills That Every Front-End Developer Should Have

Generally, a front-end developer must be a fully trained web developer with great coding skills–but when you’re out there hiring a front-end developer, you need a developer with remarkable skills and experience in handling complex web and app development projects. Here are some prominent skills that your front-end developer should have:


Your front-end developer should have a deep understanding of essential frameworks for your site or app; these are important tools that your platform must have to allow JavaScript and CSS to function optimally and to your satisfaction. There are numerous frameworks used for front-end development tasks, including React.js, Angular, Vue.js, jQuery, Knockout.js, and more. Your front-end developer should be familiar with most of these frameworks, if not all of them.

Essential Tools and Software

Front-end development involves the use of various web-building tools and software. For instance, you need version-control software to track and control changes in the source code. This software allows you to do the adjustments without starting all over. Therefore, your front-end developer needs to understand the types of tools and programs available and how to use them to create the right UI.

Programming Languages

Front-end developers must be aware of all the programming languages needed for developing UI for websites and applications. The most common languages for front-end development include CSS, JavaScript, and HTML, so it’s important to ensure that the front-end developer you hire is familiar with these languages.

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