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How to Hire Flutter Developers

Knowing how to hire Flutter developers ensures that you get well-designed and high-performing apps made using the Google-launched framework. To hire great developers, you need to have a good understanding of the Flutter platform and know what it takes to properly maximize Flutter functions and features for fool-proof and future-proof programs. Then, with well-curated hiring criteria and a job platform like Guru, you can then find the best developer for you and your project needs.

What Is Flutter?

Flutter is an open-source user interface (UI) framework that allows you to build well-designed, natively compiled, and platform-agnostic apps from a single codebase. Google was the founder of the Flutter platform in 2017. After the release of Flutter, the software development kit (SDK) quickly gained popularity for its ability to help developers build high-quality programs compatible with multiple operating systems (iOS and Android) more easily. Mobile app developers use the Flutter platform to build apps and software that will help grow their business.

Benefits of Using Flutter and Mobile App Developers

More than 500 thousand apps have been made using Flutter, with Alibaba, Google, and eBay being part of the roster of companies that trust it as a software development tool. Here’s a look at why so many people love using Flutter to create their apps:

Development Environment

Flutter makes app development easy, fast, and simple with a library of customizable widgets. Flutter also features a stateful hot reload, which lets developers see a visible effect after each code change and refresh for faster work.

UI Building

Flutter developers have total control of all rendering, animation, gestures, and widgets happening within the framework. This makes for great flexibility for customization and improvements to app development projects.

Native Features

Flutter offers native app performance just from one development framework. Its widgets consider different platforms, integrating these differences during compilation so that it works on various systems seamlessly—even if it just uses a singular codebase.

Performance Capacity

Because Flutter doesn’t require a bridge from the framework to the native app, developers and users can enjoy nimble rendering and overall better app performance.


Flutter’s range of widgets enables developers to play with customizations that still deliver functionality. The Flutter platform makes it easy to design apps that are desirable to new users.


As a free and open-source software, Flutter is supported by a large community that actively shares knowledge and best practices on the use of the framework. There’s also a great deal of documentation that can help developers address issues with Flutter mobile app development or other projects more easily.

What Is a Flutter Developer?

A Flutter developer is a front-end software developer who is proficient in the Flutter framework. By association, these professionals are fluent in the Dart programming language, which the platform uses, and are also, therefore, Dart developers, as well. Flutter app developers can create applications on the web or mobile.

What Do Flutter Developers Do?

The role of developers typically revolves around app design and development. However, the specific responsibilities of a developer may include:

Writing and Optimizing Code

Clean code is crucial for a high-performing app, and it’s the job of Flutter developers to write and optimize code that’s comprehensive and readable to scale applications faster. Flutter engineers understand that writing secure code now is better than fixing a buggy app or program later.

Fixing Errors and Bugs

Flutter QA specialists, who you can hire from Guru, run tests to detect issues, bugs, or errors in an app. Once they’ve pinpointed these, Flutter developers work on fixing the malfunctions and improving the overall performance of the mobile or web app.

Creating Better App Designs

Flutter developers possess the required creativity and knowledge to enhance and expand app designs based on what’s trending in the IT sector and what your intended user base wants. Hiring Flutter developers can be beneficial because they can combine these designs with functional interfaces to deliver a seamless user experience (UX).

Collaborating With Other Developers

Flutter developers often have to work with other UI/UX designers, QA engineers, project managers, etc. while creating apps. This collaboration is key to creating a well-rounded program that’s high-quality both inside and outside.

Following Flutter App Development Trends

IT evolves quickly over time and Flutter developers must stay on top of any trends and developments, staying in the pulse of new technologies and innovations. This allows the developers to ensure that your app will continue to thrive in ever-changing business, marketing, and tech environments.

Why Hire Flutter Developers

If you’re thinking of creating an app using the Flutter framework, you need to hire Flutter engineers to help you through it. Here are some reasons why Flutter app development services are indispensable in this process:

Better App Performance

A Flutter developer can write clean code that can ensure an app performs well from the get-go on all operating systems. Developers can also detect any issues pinpointed by QA testers faster, making bug fixing more efficient.

Access to Flutter Features

With their extensive knowledge of the Flutter framework, Flutter developers can use the tools, features, and widgets of the SDK better, providing you with a more optimized and well-integrated program that your customers will love.

Integration of the Latest Tech

Flutter developers are always on top of the trends, and developers can ensure that your apps are future-proof by integrating the latest technology, such as artificial intelligence and machine learning.

Easy App Customization

Flutter developers can easily maximize the framework to deliver apps that are customized based on your specific business requirements and preferences while maintaining excellent performance.

App Maintenance and Updates

Flutter developers can maintain the quality of your app over several changes and apply any needed updates as you scale your business. Having the same developer work on the program from start to finish also allows for lesser testing, which makes for faster app development at less cost.

What to Consider When Hiring Flutter Developers

When you hire a Flutter developer, you must consider both their technical talent and their soft skills. Developers must have expertise in the Flutter framework, while also being knowledgeable and curious about changes and trends in the tech industry. Here are some things to keep an eye out for when you hire Flutter app development services:

Proficiency in Dart Programming Language

Dart is a programming language by Google that’s used in Flutter for server development, web and mobile development, and more. It’s imperative that your developer exhibits expertise in this programming language and has at least a basic understanding of at least one other major app development language (e.g. Kotlin or Swift) to be able to create apps.

Familiarity with Agile Methods

Agile methodology is a set of development practices and frameworks backed by the twelve principles of the Agile Manifesto. This accelerates the development workflow and is a must for anyone working with Flutter software.

Experience in Flutter Development Tools

Flutter DevTools is the platform’s suite of tools for development and execution. Your developer should be familiar with these and have prior experience with using them on a Flutter app project.

Design Program Know-How

Flutter developers must also have the creative mind to come up with app designs and development. More importantly, developers must have the know-how to apply these designs using tools like Sketch, Figma, and Flutter Studio.

Expert Front-End Development Skills

As Flutter is primarily a front-end development platform, Flutter developers must have a professional capacity in using widgets and other components needed for relevant tasks.

How to Write an Effective Job Post When Hiring Developers

Once you’re ready with your list of criteria and requirements for your ideal Flutter developer, it’s time to place a job post on Guru, one of the best job marketplaces online. Here are some tips to help you write a Flutter developer job post that will attract the best candidates for your app development project.

Be Specific About the Details

Compile all the data about the project and make a list of your project requirements. Make sure to include all of these in the developer job post—while making sure that the project requirements are not too overwhelming. Give details about what the work entails, what roles and responsibilities they can expect to take, and the criteria you require them to fulfill to get the spot. Be sure to provide contact details, as well, so that they can ask any questions about the project.

Be Clear on Your Expectations

No one wants to feel like they’ve been roped into a bad deal, which commonly happens in a lot of jobs. Don’t over-promise anything, and be honest about the project, your work environment, and any expectations you have for the developer while they complete the project. This helps you find a great developer that doesn’t just fit your technical bill but can work better with your team, as well.

Sell the Job

Developers have become much pickier when choosing projects that they want to be a part of, so it’s crucial for job posters to effectively sell the project they’re hiring for, too. Highlight the benefits of working with your team and any other pluses that you think a new hire would be attracted to.

Finding the Right Flutter Developers for Hire

Building cross-platform apps is now easy, thanks to open-source user interface (UI) development kits like Flutter. As a SaaS entrepreneur, you can use this framework from Google to develop fully functional and natively-compiled cross-platform applications for different operating systems, including Android, Windows, iOS, Linux, macOS, and the web.

But your Flutter app development projects will only succeed if you have qualified and experienced Flutter developers. So, how do you find the right Flutter developers for hire? Here are some quick tips.

Hiring Freelance Flutter Developers

Instead of spending extra dollars hiring in-house Flutter developers, you should hire freelance developers from reputable freelance sites like Guru. This platform offers a long list of highly qualified and experienced Flutter developers from all corners of the globe. With such a wide range of professional Flutter developers, you’re assured of finding the right developers for your Flutter development project.

Check Their Level of Expertise

There are certain software development skills that every professional Flutter developer must have. For instance, they must be proficient in Dart programming language, Flutter framework and its widgets, RESTful API integration, app architecture and style patterns, Git (version control system), and other important features of the framework and your app.

Determine the Best Type of Flutter Developers to Hire

Flutter developers are classified into various clusters, depending on how they approach their projects. There are four main types of developers: a challenger developer, a single-minded developer, a manager developer, and an all-round developer.

A single-minded developer focuses on one type of technology and is reluctant to learn new technologies for handling unfamiliar tasks, while a challenger developer accepts new challenges and is comfortable learning new technologies. A manager developer, on the other hand, takes ownership of projects and efficiently plans out tasks. An all-round developer merges the three traits to handle all kinds of app development projects.


You can find the right Flutter developers for your projects on Guru where only highly qualified and experienced freelance developers are listed!

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Once your job post goes up on Guru, you can then quickly and easily hire a great developer for you. Track your correspondence, manage your team (including files and payments), and keep tabs on work progress and time tracked—all while still on the Guru platform. Find a great freelance Flutter developer for your company and hire them on Guru today!

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