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In the modern, digital age of the internet one can easily find people busy using mobile apps on their smartphones with features that meet their needs and preferences. All of these apps are created by an Android or iOS development team, many of whom offer their services as freelance developers. 

There are two main types of smartphone software and operating systems - Apple and Android. As most people know, Android apps are not compatible with Apple iPhones. The uniqueness of Apple phones has led to the emergence of the iOS app development industry across the globe and more senior software engineer professionals who now specialize in iOS development.

If you need to hire mobile app developers to create an app to support your business or for other reasons, you can hire freelance iOS app developers here on Guru, which is one of the leading online freelance job portals. Hiring software development services on Guru is quick and easy. Here, you can search and hire iOS app developers with the right skill set and experience you need for your app. You can also connect with a freelance Android app developer who can design, develop, and enhance applications for devices that use the Android operating system. A freelance iOS developer will work alongside remote developers, designers, and software architects to complete your iOS app and software project. If you want to get a mobile app developed to represent your business, contact a freelance mobile app developer for hire on Guru.

Benefits of Hiring a Freelance iOS Developer for Your Business

There are several benefits you receive when you hire iOS developers. From the business point of view, the use of the internet on different smartphones allows businesses to target their customers on the go. But since the smartphones either run on Android or iOS operating systems, business owners need to invest in both Android as well as iOS software development.

By investing in mobile software and application development that supports only one of the two types of smartphones, businesses can clearly lose their potential customers. This is one of the reasons why most big businesses or tech giants are hiring Android and iOS developers. 

Companies get their apps developed for both Android and iOS compatibility so that they won't lose potential customers. Hiring iOS developers can help ensure that your apps reach the largest audience possible. It can also be beneficial to hire Android developers if you want to run your app on Android phones.

Expectations From a Freelance iOS App Developer

A freelance iOS app developer designs and builds applications that are compatible with the iOS platform. As per their software experience, iPhone app programmers use their knowledge and understanding of the full development cycle with the use of Objective-C and Swift programming languages to create quality apps. These two languages are used for iOS app development. Alongside using software to develop an iOS app, top iOS developers are also responsible for maintaining the quality of their development work while also ensuring good performance of the app post its launch.

By hiring an experienced programmer specializing in iOS app development, you can give the freelance iOS developer responsibility to oversee the design, development, and maintenance of the iOS applications. Developers will also ensure that no error will occur in the responsiveness of the iOS app. In terms of work quality, you may not find any difference in hiring an iOS developer on a freelancing basis or hiring an established company for the same software development project.

Additional Benefits When You Hire an iOS App Developer

Today, it has become easier to hire iOS app developers and software experts online on renowned freelance job portals. Indeed, searching for an iOS development expert on these portals is much easier than hiring one for the in-house team. There are a wide variety of iOS developers for hire on these sites, so you are sure to find a freelance iOS developer who will meet your needs. Plus, you will get to save money for your development project by hiring a freelance iOS developer.

Process of Hiring an iOS Developer

Hiring a freelance iOS developer has proved to be more beneficial to companies than hiring an in-house developer. Hiring a freelance developer increases your chances of finding the best developer because you are choosing from a global pool of professional developers who specialize in software projects. But with such a broad variety of iOS developers available, it’s very easy to make mistakes and hire an iPhone app developer that doesn't have the software development and other skills necessary for the job. That’s why you need to understand the process of hiring a freelance iOS developer. Here are quick tips to help you find and hire the right iOS developer.

Know Why You Need One

Don’t start the hiring process before you fully understand why you need to hire a freelance iOS developer. There are many instances when you’ll need an iOS developer. For example, if you are an iOS app development company, you may need to hire an iOS app developer regularly to meet your growing needs and for iOS app development projects. You’ll also need to hire a developer if your business needs a mobile application for iPhone.

If you have a new assignment that requires a developer with specialized skills that your in-house or current freelance developers don’t, you’ll have to hire a new developer. Understanding why you need an iOS developer will help you define your project and job requirements correctly.

Create a Job Description and Requirements

Your developer job description and requirements will serve as your guide in shortlisting the right candidates for the job. Your project needs should help you create a comprehensive job description and requirements that will help you find a qualified iOS developer. Clearly describe the kind of skills, experience, and knowledge you require the developer to have for the project and your expectations for the iOS developer.

If there are specific development skills you are looking for in the developer that you hire, state them clearly in your job description and requirements. For instance, if you require a developer with expertise in developing UI/UX, ask for them specifically in your requirements.

Screen the Applicants

Once the developer applications start to stream in, you’ll have the huge task of going through all the resumes. Although it’s a tedious task, make sure you go through as many of the developer applications as possible so that you don’t miss a qualified iOS developer with the specific skills and expertise you need. There are numerous online programs that can help you filter out unqualified developers and applicants before they send their applications. Your job description should also be very specific about the skills, experience, and expertise you need the developer you hire to have. That way, the unqualified developers won’t waste their time sending in their resumes.

Interview the Shortlisted Candidates

Once you’ve screened the applications and shortlisted the candidates, it’s time to interview the iOS developers. You can either call the developers or do an online chat with them. Have a set of important questions to ask the developer during the interview. The interview questions should help you to understand the various aspects of the iOS developer, including their level of training, skills, expertise, and overall competence. Also, check how up-to-date the developer is with the latest trends in the field of iOS development.

You can also test their skills by giving the IOS developers a timed test. Once you’ve narrowed down the applicants to the number of developers you wish to work with, clearly explain your expectations to them so that they can have a clear picture of what they’re signing up for. This includes communicating your company policies, project requirements, deliverables, and expected remuneration.

Once you have interviewed several developers and found one that meets your job's requirements, you can feel confident in moving forward with the hiring process.

Guru Tip:

SafePay provides payment protection when you hire an iOS developer on Guru. It is a shared account funded by the employer before the developer starts work. Once you hire a freelancer for your iOS developer job and are satisfied with the work, you can make a secure payment on Guru. 

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