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How Pitch Deck Services Can Help You

A pitch deck can be defined as a brief, but concise presentation that is used to convey relevant information. It conveys a general overview of a business plan to its audience. This presentation can be created by making use of any of the following software: PowerPoint, Prezi, or Keynote. The slide presentation is usually made up of about 12 slides with each carrying a new and different contact or information from the others. Some of the crucial information that must be highlighted on a pitch deck includes an introduction of the business, team, problems, solution, market, competition, business model, etc. A pitch deck can be used during online meetings, face to face meetings, seminars presentations, etc. Hiring a freelance pitch deck expert for your business can be done on Guru.

Every business, whether upcoming or already existing, requires new and improved investments from time to time on a particular project or business plan. To achieve that, your new business plan needs to be presented convincingly and solidly in order to portray the company to its potential investors. A pitch deck provides a well-designed, eye catchy presentation that is an effective way of making a positive impression on your audience. However, it takes skilled pitch deck designers who understand that presentation holds the required tool in winning new investors over and of course. A freelancer with pitch deck expertise can be found on Guru.

A Good Pitch Deck Matters

A pitch deck is a key step to getting a potential client or investor to buy into your business. You must ensure that it provides all the relevant information clearly and understandably; at the same time, it needs to be designed in a way that entices people to keep the conversation going with you. Here’s all you need to know about pitch decks and why design matters.

Why Is It Called a ‘Pitch Deck?’

Pitch decks are named from the union of the two concepts: presentation decks and the phrase, “to pitch.” The former describes slides shown during a showcase, while the latter is a term that means delivering a presentation.

Most people think the goal of a pitch deck is to close a deal. And while that’s ultimately one of its aims, a pitch deck is typically used to convince a third party to know more about your business and to answer some questions that they may have from the get-go.

What Makes a Good Pitch Deck Design?

A good pitch deck is designed to be simple, detailed, and credible. Here’s what it takes to make a pitch deck design that sells:

Make It Clear and Concise

Pitch decks contain a summary of your business plans, goals, and vision for your audience. And while you may have a lot to say, you must keep everything relatively short. Strategize what information you’ll include and how you’ll design your deck. Use clean and visually engaging designs, and keep text to a minimum.

Be Detailed, But Don’t Overload With Info

Describe the key elements of your business, including info on your operations, financial models, and marketing plans, among others. Your business plan must exhibit that you have a viable strategy to achieve your goals. That said, don’t go into too much detail; present it in a way that will make potential investors want to know more.

Only Use Credible Data

Numbers play an important role in pitch decks as many investors look at financial feasibility above all else. Focus on giving a solid financial summary, explaining how you plan to use your future investments and the potential returns investors may receive. Don’t pull imaginary numbers just to make your pitch deck look good. Always draw from real data and projections and present these in easy-to-read design graphics.

Different Types of Pitch Deck Design Services

Pitch deck design services from Guru offer a range of tasks that they can fulfill to help you craft the best pitch deck. Here are some examples of what they can do for you:

  • Pitch deck design, strategy, and development

  • Business research and planning (including feasibility studies, data fact-checking, etc.)

  • Pitch collaterals creation (such as pitch letters)

  • Financial modeling and services

  • Business consulting

Why Hire a Freelance Professional to Design Your Pitch Deck?

Pitch decks are hugely important for entrepreneurs, businesses, and brokers, showcasing the value of your flagship product, attracting much-needed capital, and marketing your brand to your intended customer base. Pitch decks designed by capable professionals can be used as brochures, marketing materials, and website presentations to deliver a positive first impression and persuade your target audience to get involved.

Using a freelancer is significantly more cost-effective than working with a third-party agency. It assures you of attractive, effective imagery that resonates with potential investors.

How Much Does a Pitch Deck Design Service Cost?

Pitch deck services vary in price, depending on your selected freelancer's expertise, skill, and credentials. A graphic designer with an outstanding portfolio of visuals can be well worth it if you are pitching for investment or relying on your pitch deck to head a marketing campaign! 

As a rough guide, entry-level pitch deck designers charge from $10 to $12 per hour, increasing to $40 to $50 an hour for intermediate professionals, and $120 and up for freelancers with advanced web design, pitch deck, and presentation abilities.

If you need to hire a specialist designer with experience in your sector, market, or product development space, you might expect to pay more for the service in return for the inherent understanding of the terminology and language that will engage best with your audience.

How Quickly Can I Hire a Design Expert to Help With a Great Pitch Deck?

If your goal is to publish a professional pitch deck quickly, Guru can help. Either browse our extensive network of slide deck designers and select a good pitch deck freelancer with business plan samples that align with your branding and style, or post a job to receive comparable quotes from available freelancers with expertise in creating pitch deck designs.

What Should I Look for in a Professional Pitch Deck Design Freelancer?

A great pitch deck is a fantastic opportunity to stand out from the crowd, but the specific deliverables will depend on your objectives and expectations! The top-rated business pitch deck designers are efficient, creative, and adept at marketing and sales. They have a strong track record of delivering exceptional quality work within time, budget, and specification. 

Companies may also wish to include a few key requirements, which could involve a background in marketing or website design, fluency in the requisite language, several years of expertise writing presentations and pitch decks, and access to suitable software, including MS PowerPoint and creative design studios.

What Is the Benefit of Hiring Someone to Help Me Create an Effective Pitch Deck Design?

Pitch decks are highly specific business presentations primarily used to promote new product launches and entries to the market or as part of an investment pitch to encourage financiers, partners, or lenders to fund a business concept, idea, or proposal. A pitch deck expert can steer you through the process, make recommendations, and bring visual storytelling to concepts, statistics, market research, and studies, adding flavor, personality, and tone to multiply your chances of success.

Showcase Your Company with a Good Pitch Deck Design

A good pitch deck is one of the best ways to highlight the best parts of your business. Create a beautifully-designed, factually accurate, and strategically planned pitch deck by hiring pitch deck design services from Guru today!

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