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Design & Art

3D modeling, 3D animation, VFX

Software: Nuke, After Effects, Lightwave 3D, Vue, Mocha, Syntheyes, Sketchup, ImageSynth, Shadermap, Premiere, Poser Pro.
Expertise: Motion Graphics, digital cinematography, Visual Effects, Rotoscoping, Color Correction, Chroma Key, Color Matching, Lightwrap, Motion tracking 2D and 3D, Modeling 3D, Animation 3D, Rendering.

Skills & Expertise

3D3D Animation3D ModelingAnimationChroma KeyCinematographyColor CorrectionDigitalGraphicsLightwaveLightWave 3DMochaModelingMotion GraphicsPoserRenderingSketchupSoftware DesignThe Foundry NukeVfxVue

2 Reviews for This Service

  • Sam 183 says,

    It was great working with Danilo. He showed great initiative to help me meet my deadline.

    for Sketchup or similar 3D renders of office on May 04, 2016

  • Matthew 192 says,

    Danilo was great to work with. Designed multiple models in lightwave (catapult, hot air balloon, house, throne, time machine) all of them came out looking great. Job was done in a timely manner and communication skills were excellent. Provided exactly what we were looking for. Will definitely use again and refer to in future.

    for illustration request for paper cut out on Dec 24, 2015