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A Chartered Accountant with over 30 years’ Industry experience in managing the entire finance and accounting function. Responsibilities included Strategic planning, Budgeting, Costing, Statutory compliance, Secretarial, Taxation (Direct and Indirect), Insurance Management, Legal, Supply chain logistics function and audits including Tax Audit, Transfer Pricing, Internal and Stock Audit.

Experience of working in field - lifestyle retail & trading and Entertainment, Hospitality business, Construction , Logistic etc

ERP Implementation, the Finalization of accounts, Auditing, Working Capital Management, conducting due diligence, creating process manuals, Project Implementation, Profit Monitoring, building internal financial controls, Finalizing Vendor agreements and lease agreements etc.

Proficient in understanding business environment, strong accounting and analytical skills, Team Leader, strong managerial and leadership skills, wide experience of Entertainment, Hospitality, Retail / Manufacturing / Trading Setup.

Experience and will do :-

1. Conducting business and operational reviews with all heads of Business.
2. Providing advice and technical assistance to top management in finalization of annual budgets, five-year Strategic plan and evaluate budget proposals in terms of organizational objectives and resources.
3. Development, analysis and execution of budgets.
4. Exercising budgetary control by reviewing reports and preparation of revised budgets, estimates for all profit centers.
5. Monitoring flow of fund, taking adequate measures to ensure optimum utilization of funds.
6. Direct preparation and analysis of financial reports as per specified formats for periodic MIS to higher management and foreign holding company highlighting areas of attention and strategic decision making
7. Heading finance function involving determining financial objectives, designing & implementing systems, policies & procedures to facilitate internal financial control.
8. Formulation and implementation of system for effective financial operation and participation in management of profitability and operating operations.
9. Monitoring operational efficiency levels and implementing cost control measures for improvement in bottom line performance.
10. Playing the role of a mentor with other Departments and align their thinking with the strategic objective of the company.
11. Conducting random audits in different business units.
12. Interfacing with Statutory Auditors
13. Assessment of viability & profitability of retail outlets
14. Coordinating due diligence
15. Conducting business, accounting and legal due diligence of new businesses before acquisition.

Skills & Expertise

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