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As a veteran director of marketing, I have had the pleasure to develop several conglomerate and national association web pages, product launches and marketing campaigns. I first began internet marketing in the early 1990's when Perspective BioSystems wanted to investigate how the web could enhance their business. Since then, I helped companies such as AOL reach non traditional users breaking thier call to action milestones by 150% and Hewlett Packard re-evaluate their large and complex intranet over all usability and how departments were able to benefit it with a direct connection to certain secure areas of HP's internet website. I also began working with HP to manage their global newsletters, build collateral, and develop content for the intranet sites. I also worked with the San Francisco Chamber of Commerce and the San Francisco SBA office on writing articles for their newsletters and helping them develop their websites. After I moved to the east coast, I picked up America Online as

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  • Bessie_Robertson says,

    This Pro is a "powerhouse" of entrepreneural talent, technical skill, and has the ability to take charge! She has top notch communication skills and her people skills are what has made her a success on our assignment. This Pro will always have a place on our team of professionals for as long as she desires. Our motto is "It Takes Teamwork To Make The Dream Work," and this Pro is definitely a team player! Above all, she is able to think fast on her feet, make on-the-spot decisions, and even provide tactful guidance to professionals who are new to our processes. She is a true "professional" and gives credibility to the Guru vision of linking great employers with top notch Pros.

    for Summary Writer on May 06, 2005