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Analyse and fix your golf swing PGA Cert

Fighting a slice?
Cant get out of bunkers?
Want to hit it longer?

Why pay in excess of $50 for a golf lesson when you can get the same invaluable tuition for just a fraction of the price!

Well look no further!

Improving your swing starts with a proper diagnosis of what you're doing wrong, and the fastest way to do that is to enlist the help of a qualified professional.

I am a certified PGA instructor and through my many years of coaching I have accumulated a wealth of knowledge in which I know will help you improve your swing and LOWER your scores.

Send me your swing and I will provide you with a detailed explanation of your faults and offer some personalised drills which will help improve your game IMMEDIATELY.

This remarkable offer will only be available for a limited time only so take advantage of my expertise and improve your golf TODAY!!!

Please note:
$25 = Explanation of faults 2 relevant drills and additional advice.

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