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I'm an AI & Algorithm Expert who has worked on a lot of AI projects including deep learning, recurrent and convolution neural networks, NLP models and much more. Especially, Computer Vision and Machine Learning are perfect fields for me.

I've 7+ years of experience in these fields. I'm very knowledgeable in Computer Vision technologies such as Face recognition and emotion detection, OCR, object tracking, Image classification, Image segmentation and binarization, pattern recognition, ANPR, etc. And very talented in Standard Machine Learning Models such as SVM, K-NN, ANN, RF, K-means, CNN, DNN, RNN, LSTM, etc.

Highly-skilled in C/C++, C#, Java, Python and Matlab. I'm very familiar with AI toolkit and Python Machine Learning libraries including OpenCV, Tensorflow, Tesseract, FFMPEG, Theano, Scikit-Learn, Keras, Numpy, Matplotlib, Pandas, NLTK and much more.

I've ever partitioned ICPC(International Collegiate Programming Contest). At that time, I solved 1000+ algorithmic & data structure problems for preparation. I'm proud of having strong algorithm skills.

Having strong analytical mind, profound mathematical and physical background, excellent knowledge of algorithms, optimization and testing. I'm capable of finding the best approach and implementation for your business or applied science problems.

My experiences:
- Face Recognition and Emotion Detection
- Automatic Number-Plate Recognition
- Fingerprint Recognition System
- Bio-recognition using ECG-signal
- Object Detection
- Image Matching
- Forex Prediction
- Stock Prediction
- Cryptocurrency Trading bot
- OCR document and extract the some items(name, address, SSN, email, phonenum, etc)
- Speech Signal Processing

Skills & Expertise

AlgorithmsC# ProgrammingC/c++Computer VisionImage ProcessingMachine LearningNlpOcrOpenCVProgrammingPythonTensorFlow

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