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Audio Restoration, Mixing & Mastering

Provide restoration, digitization, audio enhancement, filtering, and analysis of audio and speech recordings. We also isolate speech and other audio events from surveillance footage, phone recordings, and other recorded messages.

Restore your recordings, albums and cassettes of all sizes into digital formats We also recover data from computer hard drives, electronic devices and other tape storage devices. We have been in the audio restoration business since 2010.

Free Estimate and sample before your purchase. Will work with you on best rice for your project or task.

*Conduct forensic review of digital audio using scientific peer-reviewed methods.
*Recover data from computers, electronic devices and other storage devices.
*Recover audio from cassettes, micro cassettes, mini cassettes, media cards, and surveillance footage.
*Audio speed reduction and pitch control-enhancement.
*Audio authentication to determine if consistent with manner alleged to have been produced.
*Voice comparisons to determine if recording is consistent with subject alleged on recordings.
*Body Camera audio enhancement to reduce background noises and improve intelligibility.
*Speech enhancement to improve intelligibility of interviews, and other recorded material.
*Restore audio recordings that otherwise may have been lost or destroyed.
*Produce written opinions within Rules of Discovery standards.
*Video enhancement of surveillance recordings and other visual media.
*Consultation services regarding evidentuary value of media related to cases.
*Audio Engineering Society and Scientific Working Group on Digital Evidence standards.

Post-Production: Need your live performance mastered or enhanced? We can correct most sonic errors in audio that were captured through close mics, grounding, phase issues, room acoustics, unbalanced audience background. Sonic Discovery specializes in live Comedian performances.

Radio, TV, Film: We can master your audio to broadcast standards, edit bumpers, EQ and balance production tracks with your over-overs, and many other services.

Sound Design: From working with Apple QuickTime to Linux Gnome, we can create unique soundscapes and sound design for your projects.

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