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Biostatistics/SAS/R in clinical trials

I am a biostatistician/SAS programmer/R programmer with 7 years of experience supporting both oncology clinical trials and basic scientific biomedical research.

Analytical methods I frequently utilize include linear regression, logistic regression, linear discriminant analysis, time series, generalized linear mixed model, non-linear model, Cox proportional hazards model, various parametric survival models, principal components analysis, common factor analysis, and various model validation methods.

As to SAS programming, I am proficient with STAT, GRAPH, SG family, macro, ODS, PROCs Report&Tabulate, Data step, SQL and many others. R libraries I use for analysis include glm, survfit, e1071, rpart, randomForest, and ggplot2.

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BiostatisticsClinical ResearchLiterature ReviewR ProgrammingResearchSAS

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