Doug M Williams

New Castle, Delaware, United States

Yearly Stats: $1,725 Earned |

Book editing, formatting, layout

I provide a full range of editing – developmental, copy editing, line editing and final proofreading. I have been editing professionally for 25+ years, and I specialize in mystery/suspense fiction, and non-fiction books in the business, health, education and spirituality realms.

Along with the hands-on editing of your manuscript, I provide advice on pacing, dialogue, transitions, word economy, narrative development, clarity and completeness, and voice. I've worked with hundreds of writers and they would tell you I keep my ego out of the editing process, for this is your manuscript and my task is to catch miscues and help you execute at the highest level, not substitute my style or approach.

Unlike most, I do a minimum of three full passes when hired for a full edit:
+ A straight read to absorb the full story, style and pacing, with questions/suggestions relayed to you to enhance clarity, or propose structural changes to improve flow and how the piece tracks.

+ I then move to a thorough screen copy/line edit to catch and correct miscues, smooth wording, enhance clarity and shape the document up. All edit changes again are tracked in Word.

+ I then do a pencil edit of a printout. Anyone who doesn't do a final read of hard copy is going to miss things. That's just the way our brains work today because of all the surfing and skim-reading we do on display screens.

My attention to detail is strict, for a writer simply can’t afford word drops, spelling errors or simple miscues that yank a reader away from the story and sap authority from the content. I'll comb your book to put those concerns to rest. My default style is AP, though I am equally at ease using Chicago Manual of Style or APA.

I also provide a full range of manuscript formatting/design services, preparing books for print-on-demand platforms, private printers and all eBook platforms including Amazon Kindle, iBooks, Kobo, Nook, Google play

$35 / Hour
$35 minimum budget