John Bulman

Mission Viejo, California, United States

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Business Coach & Adviser

As an effective and intuitive Business Coach and Adviser, I integrate key business skills that small and mid-sized businesses need to create more profits, improve cash flow, develop leadership, manage accountable teams and execute sustainable growth. My work with business owners/CEOs also creates awareness of what their true roles are in their businesses and helps them redefine their roles to be more effective leaders. To create these benefits for you, I utilize experiences from a successful 30 year business career at senior levels in sales, marketing, operations and finance, informed by the education required to earn a MBA degree with dual specialization in marketing and finance.

In my experience, businesses change as they grow and you need to change how you operate your growing business to improve your level of success. Cash flow problems, profitability problems, service delivery and product quality problems, employee retention and performance problems, bottlenecks, and problems controlling the business can all happen as your business grows. Your business can also fail to grow. These are all fixable problems that, if they continue, can cost you money, clients and high-quality personnel, all while creating chaos in your life. Continuing problems like these can even put your business at risk.

I work with the owners/CEOs of small and mid-sized businesses just like yours, as well as leadership teams, to identify and analyze business issues like those described above, create plans to fix the issues and set the stage for controlled, profitable growth. We then execute the plan, making changes as needed along the way, while addressing any new issues as they arise. As well, I teach business owners/CEOs just like you the skills they need to successfully, profitably and sustainably manage their businesses going forward.

Some of the things we will likely work on are:

* Business analysis and planning.
* Cash flow budgeting and management.
* Business performance measurement with usable financials and internal metrics.
* Creation of high-performance teams that understand their performance expectations, are trained to fulfill those expectations and managed to create accountability.
* Streamlining processes and reducing bottlenecks.
* Creation of effective marketing and sales plans that are measured to create successful results.
* Development of organization and prioritization skills, as well as time and activity management skills, to focus you and your team on high value activities to deliver key results.
* Development of essential leadership skills to develop a culture of accountability, teamwork skill development and achievement.
* Clarification of your role in leading your team effectively.

When you engage me, the results will be that your business will grow faster, more sustainably and with greater profitability. Having had successful engagements with over 50 businesses, I am confident I can make this happen for you.

$125 / Hour
$125 minimum budget