The Guinn Consultancy Group, Inc.

Bristol, Tennessee, United States

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Business Development

What difference can decades of experience across various phases of business offer you in your choice of a Consultant in Business Development? One HUGE difference.

Our business development experience has allowed excellent access to many different types of biz development projects around the world; this access brings you multiple areas of expertise and both initial and mezzanine funding sources.

If we work with you, expect to see top level skills in business development and execution, and, if you need financing to make the plan work, first level and mezzanine finance packaging opportunities.

In the professional arena, Clients tell us we demonstrate amazing competence in changing the direction of management. We carefully and critically analyze what is required for exponential growth and help our clients find a way to achieve it. If you are considering M&A or takeovers, work with us on either Due Diligence or Market Analysis.

Our experience includes moving start up firms forward, and converting regional groups to national and international in scope. What must be done for you to create or revamp your development opportunities?

$200 / Hour
$2,500 minimum budget