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C++/Qt/QML expert

Reviews from previous employers:

"Volodymyr has a clear and professional coding style, communication has been very good with fast and successful results. He is able to understand complex problems and finds a solution. Yes, I would hire him again."

“Volodymyr did a great job on a huge undertaking converting our program from GTK to QT. He stuck with it and got us a working QT program. His English skills are very good. No problem communicating. We will definitely work with him again.”

“My second project with Volodymyr. Simply amazing to deal with, great communication, well-commented code, everything was exactly like I asked for. And ahead of the deadline.”

What you can get:

- creating a project from idea to first release
- support and evolvement of an existing project
- fast and effective communication
- leading a small (up to 5) team of developers
- help in interviewing and hiring software engineers

How do you get it?

By using my 10+ years experience of commercial development.
Here are some details:
Most of my projects were done with C++ using Qt framework (Qt Widgets or QML for UI). Cross-platform nature of these allows developing a wide range of projects: desktop, mobile and embedded.
I know that architecture of a project is important. Very important. So I carefully define and maintain it.
My work with a team includes maintaining backlog, daily dev meetings, velocity tracking, code reviews, retrospectives.
Communication with you will be clear and prompt. I clarify requirements, report project status, regularly show working demo versions.

IMPORTANT: You can count on my help even if you aren't going to hire immediately. Just invite me to a project and ask a question.
For example:
- why it is better to use MVC with Qt Widgets and MVVP with QML UI?
- how to setup remote development in Qt Creator?
- how to call native Android API if you develop Qt app for a mobile device?

Skills & Expertise

CC++MobileQmlQtSoftware Design

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