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I am a versatile, seasoned Materials Technologist with over 22 years of experience in field and laboratory testing, quality control, process support, basic research, development, and management. I provide basic scientific testing, research, interpretation, and development expertise to clients in coatings, materials processing, instrumentation, and chemical industries. I have a demonstrated record of high performance standards, including attention to schedules, deadlines, budgets and quality work. Also fluent with many types of instrumentation, test methodologies, calibration, quality assurance and control. I have successfully worked in support of the materials characterization, electromechanical instrumentation, construction, chemical engineering, and biological industries. Examples include: -Asphalt products mix design, testing, and performance -Valveless LN2 flow control system for cryogenic cooling chamber -Stormwater chemical treatment analysis and control to achieve EPA co

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AnalysisBasicChemical EngineeringConstructionDesignEngineeringIllustrationManagementMaterialsMaterials TestingProcessingProgrammingPrototypingQuality Assurance (QA)ResearchSalesScienceSoil StabilizationTechnical WritingTestTestingWriting

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