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Computer Vision Algorithm Developer

I have 7 year actual experience in Computer Vision and Image Processing
I have successfully finished projects with segmentation, long term object tracking, image processing, video processing, pattern recognition, active appearance model in Samsung R&D Institute and freelance.
I have graduated in strong technical university - Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology.
So I specialize in computer vision, virtual reality, image processing, deep learning.

Below is a brief overview of my technical capabilities:
DeepLearning: TensorFlow, Caffe,, PyTorch, YOLO, GAN.
Computer Vision: SIFT, SURF, OpticalFlow, TLD, AC, ASM, AAM, HOG, SVM.
C / C + +, Python.
Hardware optimisation: Neon, DSP, GPU.
Windows, Linux Ubuntu
STL, Qt, OpenCV, OOP, Algorithms, data structure.
MS VisualStudio, Qt Creator, Mercurial, Git, Valgrind, cMake.

Other: Strong mathematical background, strong computer vision background, image processing.

Skills & Expertise

Algorithm DevelopmentAlgorithmsCC++Computer VisionDspGitImage ProcessingLinuxObject RecognitionOopOpenCVPythonPytorchQt

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