Naveen Rashid

Karachi, Sindh, Pakistan

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Copy Editing and Proofreading

Writing is not an art but a skill, one which I have worked very hard to master over 6 years of my copy writing career. Putting words on paper is somewhat easy but putting them together in the right grammatical structure, syntax, and context for the right audience without going off track from the idea at hand, is a challenge. Editing and proof reading may be the last step before publication, but it is nevertheless the most crucial one to this day. After you hit “Publish” there is usually no going back. Therefore, having the right editor for your project is definitely a dire necessity.

Choosing me as your copy editor/proofreader ensures;

1. Enhanced clarity with adequate usage of grammar and syntax making your rough draft not only readable but enjoyable.
2. Proficiency in converting complex and mechanical language structures into creative and catchy content that can be used in different places such as websites, and other promotional material.
3. Making sure the language used in your draft is not inappropriate for the desired audience in mind along with adding clarity to existing concepts with supporting material.
4. Perfecting your style, and tweaking it if need be to not only fit a correct standard of writing but also make it look professional and award worthy.
5. Intricate and in-depth insight into your draft; what seems confusing or needs reviewing etc

$30 / Hour
$100 minimum budget