Communications and Marketing Editor

USA, New York, United States

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Copyediting and Proofreading

You get one chance at a good first impression.

I'll help improve it online or in print before you send your business or personal document to a client, employer or investor.

Service package is for various industries and documents such as: employment letter and resume; website content; business proposal (RFP); sales presentation; slide show; marketing collateral; research report; meeting brochure; news release; article; speech; management announcement; newsletter or staff manual.


1) Correcting spelling

2) Correcting grammar

3) Correcting punctuation

4) Checking for consistent style and formatting

5) Emailing corrections and comments then, if needed,
clarifying same.

FEE: Up to 500 words per page in fonts 10pts or larger, pay $8 per page or $50 hourly. It's your choice to pick the hourly or per-page fee, however, my minimum fee is $50.

NOTE: Service is for an English document that is all text or text with graphics or text with up to 10% of document containing numbers.
For financial docs, see below.

Projects can be sent to me within an email, in MSWord or PowerPoint.

Delivery Varies: We will agree on deadline; time varies based on project.

FEE FOR FINANCIAL DOCS.: For an IPO, a private placement memo, or other investor reports and communications, text must be typed in fonts 9pts or larger. Pay $12 a page or $60 hourly.

DISCOUNTED FEE: There is a lower fee for financial projects over 120 pages -- $11 a page or $57 hourly.

Client satisfaction is important and confidentiality is respected. Questions are welcome.

$0 / Hour
$50 minimum budget