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Dublin, Ohio, United States

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I'm an unusual left-brain/right-brain synergy.  Educated and employed both as a scientist and as a writer, I can be either creatively scientific or scientifically creative!  My fiction writing has snap and personality, my article writing is efficient and accessible.  Above all else, my toolbox is formidable...grammar, stylistics, spelling and common usage are the rules I live by, that is, until I decide to break them.  I am fast and on task; I long ago learned the value of brevity. With my research skills, I can provide you with copy on any subject.  I can lend some style to dry articles, some wit to website content, and some creative sparkle to whatever project you like.  If it's editing help you need, I can lend your manuscript clarity, flow and technical correctness. Largely self-taught, I have been hired by packaging houses like Quirk Productions, publishers of the Worst Case Scenario Survival Guides, on the strength of my fiction writing and bloggi

$20 / Hour
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