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I write with a voice that leaves readers hungering for whatever I'll write next. I engage my personality into my writing so as to allow the reader to feel like they are in a personalized conversation. I am not afraid to say what others may feel timid about, but say it in ways that sound natural to all. I have been doing critical writing for 7+ years, and take pride and comfort in crafting the ideal piece for both the employer and myself. Repeated calls for my work are what have driven me further in this business, and I am constantly looking to raise my own bar on each piece. I'm serious when you need me to be, hilarious when you need me to be, and able to distinguish the right balance between the two if you yourself are uncertain.
The unspoken awareness of the collective is what I bring to literary fruition. I write with a depth and wit that others are not bold enough to reach, but I say it with a voice that everyone can understand. I write like I'm the reader's best friend.

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