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Full time, active freelance coder, with 4+ years of experience in applying Corona SDK for mobile game/app developments. I work only on Corona projects, for 4000+ hours as a freelancer. I had built games, business apps and ebooks by the SDK, and also hands of game re-skins, monetizations and app prototypes. All of them were developed to fit various screen sizes (iPhone/iPad/Androids) and with multi-platform builds (Apple/Google/Amazon), by a single code base.

I strongly recommend to use Corona-SDK for fast and muti-platform mobile developments. If you consider to use Corona SDK for any 2d mobile game or app developments, please hire me and I can give you all helps.

I have been as a programmer for more than 10 years. I like games and funny stuffs. I have passions in game development and I want to make friends with game developers all over the world.

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