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I specialize in creating engaging videos that help promote any corporate product or website. Weather you need kinetic typography to make a presentation more interesting or a classic wipe board (draw my life) type video, I have the skill set and experience to make your product memorable. In addition to stylistic animation, I also possess an in-depth knowledge of Final Cut X and Adobe Premiere. With this knowledge, I can take any video-editing project from start to finish.


I have IMDB credits on two independent film productions

1. Rev 13 (2013): I was responsible for designing all the visual effects in this short film. This included title cards for the two associated studios, dynamic animated text, and a 3D simulation of the planet earth spinning in outer space.

2. End of the Trial (2015) This full-length feature is currently in post-production. I personally designed the title animation that features a slow motion sunset with dynamic lighting as the words "End of the Trail" flash on the screen.

Prosperra Financial Inc. enlisted me to create an animation describing their business services. You can watch the video here:

I have also created several kinetic typography animations where text animates on to the screen in time with words spoken in a voiceover.

I have worked to create an instructional math video that teaches the basics of the sine graph through an artful animation that features a modern aesthetic. I used a bright color palette to generate a youthful energy, and featured a young actor's voice in order to make the video appeal to the average teenager. You can view the video here:

Whatever your needs, I am committed to ensuring your satisfaction.

Thank You

-Austin Janik

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