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Smaller and mid-sized businesses often need supplier, employee, confidentiality and service agreements that address their specific situations. Canned, fill in the blank forms do not contain the language they require or have extraneous and unnecessary verbiage that just gets in the way of doing routine business efficiently and economically. If your business needs an easier, affordable way to work with your customers, suppliers or employees; we offer a customized, on demand, documentation service for the following kinds of agreements and related writings. -License Agreements-Service Agreements-Software Purchase with or without SLA-Teaming Agreements-Subcontractor Service Agreements-Confidentiality and Non-Disclosure-Intellectual Property-Memorandum of Understanding-Memorandum of Intent-Term SheetsPlease note that our services include creating, editing and proofreading documents. We can and do work with legal counsel, but we do not practice law or offer legal advice.Our rates are hourly o

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