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If you think that incorrect spoken or written English can hold you back professionally and personally, you are absolutely right. You may be skilled, clever, even highly trained or educated, but if you do not use "good English," your success will always be limited. Others may think that you "don't know any better," so let's change that!

You are a smart person who has talents and abilities; I will help you overcome any problems with spoken English or written English so that your language doesn't hold you back any more! For some people, English is a second language; others may have been raised in a household where incorrect speech was the norm, and it "sounds right" to you (example: "You done good.") Helping folks like you is a special interest of mine, because I believe your God-given abilities should be appreciated.

One technique I like to use is to have regular, brief, targeted conversations with you, so that I hear your speech as we chat. When I notice an error, I'll tell you about it and teach you to correct it--then, in conversation, we'll practice the correct way to say it. I will take notes and then create some specialized conversations where you and I will practice saying it correctly--until it comes naturally for you. That's the goal!! Over time, we'll be "catching" each of your most common errors and practicing the correct way to say each one, until it comes naturally for you. I will provide written exercises also, and a personalized Reference Document specifically for you. It will contain the errors you made and the corrections you learned; you'll be able to use it as your personal guide--even carry it with you if you wish. As you progress, we will add to your Reference Document, so it will always be up-to-date.

I take a personal interest in my students! If you need a refresher session, or have a question, you can call, text, or email me. I'll be happy to help.

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