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I am indeed happy to present my credentials for your consideration. I am an Indian journalist of more than 25 years experience. I have covered all major areas of common interest to a newspaper reader at various periods during my rather lengthy career. At present I am working for a leading English National newspaper in India. In addition, I have put in several years as sub-editor and features editor in leading India dailies. I possess a master's degree in humanities, but that has not limited my vistas as a high wire journalist. My daily turn out for my newspaper is of the order of 2500 words. In addition, I am doing freelance work for a Gulf based newspaper contributing articles daily @ of 1000 words. I am not being modest while stating that such turnout every day calls for a rare kind of felicity, command over English language and, last but not the least, creativity. The areas that I am called upon to write include community news related to politics, economics, and publi

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