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While employed by a large defense contractor, I was a proposal team member on several major proposal efforts. My responsibilities on these teams included writing and editing the proposals, researching information and assembling the final product. The average win on these proposals was $20 million. I was rewarded several times for my efforts as a part of the proposal team.

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  • Bessie_Robertson says,

    This Pro is a "powerhouse" of entrepreneural talent, technical skill, and has the ability to take charge! She has top notch communication skills and her people skills are what has made her a success on our assignment. This Pro will always have a place on our team of professionals for as long as she desires. Our motto is "It Takes Teamwork To Make The Dream Work," and this Pro is definitely a team player! Above all, she is able to think fast on her feet, make on-the-spot decisions, and even provide tactful guidance to professionals who are new to our processes. She is a true "professional" and gives credibility to the Guru vision of linking great employers with top notch Pros.

    for Summary Writer on May 06, 2005

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