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Cyber Security

Astra Security Management provides next-generation Unified Proactive Threat Defense which identifies the early stages of attacks and suspicious insider behavior before breaches result in loss of data. Granting your company, the equivalent of a 22-person Cyber Security department for less than what you would pay for a few engineers for 24x7 expert security event monitoring.

Our team is an extension of your company to help do the work so you don’t have to. ASM’s advanced automated threat intelligence enhances our teams’ own research on emerging threats, or on alarms triggered by our security tools. Threat intelligence updates to the ASM platform, about 4X each week, with more than 3 million threat indicators contributed daily.

To meet the level of service we will provide, you would need to hire the following people…and have to deal with salary, benefits, vacations, sick time, etc.
16 Analysts for 24/7/365 security event monitoring and analysis
4 Security Engineers for 24/7/365 advanced analysis, remediation, and configuration management
2 Security Architects for rule, trigger, and correlation design and configuration

Security Incident and Event Management (SIEM)
Proactive Threat Defense. Our SIEM team uses next-generation Proactive Threat Defense techniques to identify the early stages of attacks and suspicious insider behavior before breaches result in loss of data. Multi-vector event correlation techniques, asset modeling, user profiling, and threat intelligence are among the advanced technologies used to identify threats and help prevent security exploits. Some examples of events that can be analyzed include:
o Suspicious login attempts by a user into a database outside their department
o Database access from known malicious IPs
o After-hours access by a systems administrator
o Email with unencrypted confidential data
o User ID changes or attempts to mask user identity
o USB files saved
o Suspicious VPN activity.

Asset Discovery
We track, monitor, and verify all hardware and software in your environment to ensure no rouge devices or applications are present.

Vulnerability Assessments
Vulnerability assessments are conducted regularly to determine your systems’ level of vulnerability and where those vulnerabilities lie. When issues are discovered we test to verify the remediations were carried out correctly and the vulnerabilities were addressed.

Intrusion Detection
Our platform utilizes a three-tier model when it comes to Intrusion Detection. Our system will monitor and report on changes to your networks, servers, and even individual files. We continually monitor these aspects of your environment for unauthorized changes and alert on any discrepancies.

Behavioral Monitoring
The ASM behavioral engine oversees network traffic and protocols and using advanced heuristics and pattern-based algorithms alerts when data in motion is departing from normal operations. We can also collect and analyze this aberrant traffic for root causes.

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