Bikaner, Rajasthan, India

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Data Science Consultant

2) Certification in Predictive Analytics from instructor of IIM Bangalore.
3) Student member of Institute of Actuaries of India.
4) Certification in Text Analytics in SAP HANA from SAP.
5) Proficient in R, SAS, SPSS, Excel Modeling, Web and Mobile App Analytics, Geo-Spatial Analytics

I am good at----

Mathematical Modeling in Finance
Mathematical Modeling in Transportation
Mathematical Modeling in Economics
Constraint Optimization
Linear and non linear Optimization
Convex Optimization
Combinatorial Optimization
Machine Learning Optimization
Portfolio Optimization
Chance Constraint Optimization
Stochastic Optimization
Robust Optimization
Game Theory
Actuarial Modeling and Consulting

Worked on Following Projects (13 Projects)---

1) Customer Acquisition Analytics for Bank's New Term Deposit Scheme

Techniques Used: Logistic Regression, Decision Tree and Random Forest

2) Predictive Analytics for High Sales of Children Car-seats Data in US

Techniques Used: Decision Tree, Random Forest.

3) Interest Rate Decisions on New Loan Applicants

Technique Used: Multiple Linear Regression, Decision Tree, Random Forest.

4) Performance Analytics for Students of Maharashtra in State Board Exams

Technique Used:One Sample T-test.

5) Quality Analytics for Wines

Technique Used: One -Sample T-test, Unpaired Sample T-test, F-test, ANOVA, k-means Clustering.

6) Study Analytics for Students

Technique Used: Paired Sample T-test, Chi-Square Test.

7) Automobile Analytics for Various Brands of Cars

Technique Used: Correlation Analysis, Customer Segmentation through Cluster Analysis (Hierarchical Clustering, k-means Clustering), Descriptive Analytics.

8) Media Research Analytics for Predicting the number of shares in Social Media Network (48 variables)

Technique Used: Multiple Regression Analysis,

9) Sales Promotion Analytics for Discounts Decisions in Financial Instutution

Technique Used: Logistic Regression.

10) Forecasting the near timer rainfall from 100 Year Rainfall Data

Technique Used: Time Series Analysis ( Moving Average and Exponential Smoothing)

11) Predictive Analytics on Woman's Skirts Length

Technique Used: Time Series Analysis

12) Sales Forecasting in Souvenir Shop

Technique Used: Time Series Analysis, ARIMA

13) Pharmaceutical Drug Performance Analytics on Arthritis Patients

Technique Used: Chi-Square Test.

$70 / Hour
$500 minimum budget