Fan Wei Tsui

Masaryktown, Florida, United States

Yearly Stats: $8,050 Earned |

Data scientist | Full Stack | ML | AI


I have gained 13 years of software-engineering experience, and I've spent the last seven years focusing on web and mobile app applications, integrations, software solutions, Machine learning, image processing, signal processing and NLP projects by using the most reliable and advanced technogies.

My skills are listed below:
• Front Ends: Angular, Reactjs, Redux, Vuejs, three.js, d3.js, Rxjs, Html5, Scss/Less/css3
• Back Ends: Django, Flask, Nodejs, PHP, Laravel, Ruby on Rails,
• Mobile App Developments: Java, Swift4.2, React-Native, Flutter
• Gems(for ROR): Capistrano, Omniauth, Doorkeeper, Peatio, Faraday, Rspec, FactoryGirl
• DB: MySQL, Microsoft SQL, MongoDB, Postgresql, Firebase
• Deployment: Nginx, Apache, Passenger
• Cloud services: Google Cloud, AWS, Heroku, Digital Ocean, and Azure
• Machine learning: tensorflow, keras, Numpy, Pandas, Spacy, NLTK, Scikit-learn, Scikit-image, Pillow, Tinify, tesseract, textract, textbolb, genism module(word2vec, doc2vec), regex, Dialogflow, Rasa Core, Rasa NLU ...
* image processing, signal processing: FFT, wavelet transform, short FFT ...

$65 / Hour
$50 minimum budget