Akshay Singh 13

Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

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Data Scientist

I am a data science and analytics professional with more than 5 years of experience.

Programming Languages - R,Python,Java,C++
Visualisation Tools - Tableau , R-shiny and plot.ly for Dashboard in R and Python
Other Tools - WEKA

Machine Learning Libraries - Tensorflow,keras,opencv,H20,scikit-learn
Other major Libraries - numpy,pandas,selenium etc

Machine Learning and other techniques:
2. Supervised Machine Learning - Linear Regression,Logistics Regression,KNN,SVM,Random Forest,GRadient Boosting,Extreme Gradient Boosting,
3.Unsupervised Machine Learning - Kmeans,kmedians,heirarchial clustering,Expectation Maximization,Density BAsed Clustering Methods like DBSCAN,OPTICS etc
4. Deep Learning - ANN,RNN,LSTM,Transfer Learning through CNN,
5 Reinforcement Learning through HMM
6 Association Rules Mining - Apriori,FPGROWTH,ECLAT,CSPADE etc

An insatiable intellectual curiosity, and the ability to mine hidden information located within large sets of structured, semi-structured and unstructured data. Able to leverage a heavy dose of mathematics and applied statistics with visualization and a healthy sense of exploration.

$8 / Hour
$25 minimum budget