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Instead of hunting for the data you need to make decisions, let your data speak for itself through easy-to-interpret dashboards that answer all of your important questions at a glance. I can help you plot locations on a map, monitor key performance indicators, identify trends, & forecast future performance. By visualizing your data you'll gain the valuable insight you need to make informed & timely decisions about your business.

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ChartDashboardData VisualizationGeolocationGoogle Data StudioGoogle MapsGoogle Maps APIGraphReportVisualization

2 Reviews for This Service

  • Marie 126 says,

    Jonathan is exceptionally professional. He has deep knowledge and experience; we had a video chat before the project began so that we were on the same page, and he communicated effectively and delivered exactly what I asked for. Highly recommended.

    for Airtable on Dec 05, 2019

  • Duncan 41 says,

    Great job. fast. efficient. exceeded expectations

    for Build Dashboard on Oct 03, 2019