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In the conceptual design phase, We begin with a conceptual idea based on what you describe in terms of data and what you need. From there, we begin the logical design stage, which includes the development of entity relationships, data domains, and constraints. The logical design stage focuses heavily on analyzing the data to be stored and organizing it in a logical manner. One of the key deliverables generated during this design phase is the Entity Relationship Diagram, or ERD, which visually illustrates out the various data elements in the database and how they relate to each other.

Once the logical design stage is complete, we move on to the actual physical design. During the physical design phase, we will take the ERD and begin to implement the actual database in software while helping you with the development of a data retention policy. Also included in this stage is consideration of the physical storage requirements for the database server and how the memory is to be allocated on it. Next is the forward engineering phase, where the conceptual database developed in earlier stages is instantiated into a physical database and existing data is loaded into it. The final phase is deployment, where you and your employees can begin using the database.

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