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  • CareerGuru says,

    This was a pleasure. Our first project and as a result preparing another project to start within the next few weeks. I can best describe what I valued most about this provider as being intuitive foresight. There was good creative synergy in that my vision was created as I had hoped. I really appreciate this as it is not always the case when working in remote collaboration. Great work. Thank you, and talk to you again soon.

    for Coach info processor on Nov 15, 2011

  • Katja_Seim says,

    Hesham wrote a data extraction program for me in Python. He asked all the right questions, delivered the very promptly, and put something together that did exactly what I wanted. Thank you!

    for Python parser on Oct 30, 2011

  • Greg_Six1 says,

    Thank you for your quick response & communication.

    for Develop bash shell script... on Aug 31, 2011