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Database Design

PROJECT DETAILS ValSpeQ 3.1-ValSpeQ 3.4 Title : ValSpeQ Tools Used : Oracle 8 & VB 6.0 Description:Valve configuration tool with central repository, developed using PL/SQL for US based Fortune 500 valve manufacturing company. Data is accumulated in a central repository maintained in Oracle8 database from various sales persons maintaining data in MS Access. Each valve configuration comprises of 1030 parameters (record). The single largest data accumulated consisted of 262 Valves (i.e. 269860 records) in a single go. ValDX 3.4-3.5 Title : ValDX 3.4-3.5 Tools Used : VC++/MFC & Access Description:Tool for Import/Export of data between Valve configuration software(ValSpeQ) and Factory MRP. This tool can import/export csv,txt file with comma,tab or user defined fields sepatator. Also supports translation of data and compound fields with user defined compound field separator.Users can create their own file formats and translation for Importing and Exporting data.

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