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6 Reviews

  • getyoufound says,

    Evgeniy, please contact us about the progress of this project. We are waiting to hear from you.

    for Web Application Keyword Tool on Nov 12, 2009

  • Udi_Sabach says,

    We've actually endorsed this developer. Highly recommended!

    for Google Analytics API on Oct 13, 2009

  • Bryan_Hendricks says,

    I couldn't be happier with such a speedy solution to my problem! Definitely a pleasure to work with; I look forward to future projects with Evgeniy :)

    for email function not working/php on May 17, 2009

  • getyoufound says,

    Evgeniy was fantastic to work with. We were able to communicate quickly and regularly about the project from start to finish. Several technical issues came up during the project and Evgeniy was able to offer suggestions and insights on solutions to each one. Requested changes and updates were made very quickly and we were able to get the project launched without any problems. All in all, the project is better than our original concept, thanks to Evgeniy.

    for keyword investigation and analysis tool on Dec 22, 2008

  • Mike_Scherenberg says,

    What a great dependable guy. He had it working in less than 24 hours. Great work!

    for PHP script to read FROM on POP3 account on Nov 26, 2008