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Overriding Philosophy and Synopsis: "Have one keystroke do the work of a 1,000 keystrokes" MS Access is a very powerful and sophisticated program being part of the MS Office suite which attracts small businesses since it is essentially free. When compared to the $5,000 per user license fee for SQL Server 2000 Standard Edition and the very high salaries paid to SQL Server 2000 programmers and DBA's, MS Access becomes the obvious choice. Unfortunately, though, for most businesses, when implementing a MS Access database they, "paint themselves into a corner" by wanting the database to have more functionality beyond the easy to use GUI and wizards that they used initially. Successful MS Access databases still require programmers fluent in VBA, ADO, DAO and SQL in order for "1 keystroke to do the work of a 1,000 keystrokes." I design, fix and troubleshoot these types of databases at a very reasonable rate.

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2 Reviews for This Service

  • Aaron_Hicks says,

    I gotta hand it to Eddie- Phase II was a grueling experience for the both of us. I don't know where Eddie kept pulling tricks from, but they came together to form the core of a very complicated and intricate database that was also elegant and easy to use. More importantly, it was exactly what I needed. It should be noted that Eddie is remarkably prompt with correspondence, and carries through on firm dates. With exceptions that were made clear from the beginning, even weekend correspondence were turned around within hours- often within an hour (!). I can't say for sure that Eddie never sleeps, since I've only known him a few months, but he's a tough act to follow. Excellent services, and very affordable- between the skills the man has and his knowledge of Access, not to mention the "bonus" widgets he throws in that actually *work*, Eddie comes highly recommended.

    for Access database repairs and improvements on Aug 10, 2004

  • Aaron_Hicks says,

    It is difficult to comment on Eddie's work without using superlatives that make ratings seem like the pablum doled out in "eBay" feedbacks. Eddie was the sole individual willing to take on demanding technical requirements for a database working with technical and esoteric information. Moreover, the services rendered were done so in a professional manner that is rarely seen in any field. Having gone through seven (count 'em- SEVEN) database programmers, I feel that I have a certain understanding as to the level of technical skill presented by individuals who do this sort of work. Eddie beats 'em all. The amount of attention and detail offered by Eddie both before and after the job has been remarkable. The level of skill presented has been such that he handily overcame issues that previous programmers had been unable (or unwilling) to tackle. The degree of understanding he has demonstrated with Access and VBA- both from the standpoint of the programmer, as well as for that of the user- has been superlative. While my own skills as a programmer (started in 1978) have lapsed such that I am now only a mere user, it is quite evident that Eddie knows programming. Moreover, he performed very well at understanding my requirements- all of which revolve around managing data generated in a relatively sophisticated manner, relating to an esoteric subject that few people are familiar with. If he's willing, Eddie'll be handling additional phases of the database. Having found someone who can do the job right, I can finally get some work done!

    for Access database repairs and improvements on May 10, 2004