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Developing smart embedded systems

We specialize in Field Programmable Gate Array design , we have developed our own VHDL/Verilog ip cores that have been integrated in high performance embedded systems, Nios SOC , ARM SOC and Digital Signal Processing. RTOS implementation using uC/OS-lll and FreeRTOS.

Skills & Expertise

ANSI CArmCDesignDigitalEmbedded SystemsFPGAImage ProcessingMicrocontrollerPCB DesignPcb LayoutProcessingVerilogVHDL

3 Reviews for This Service

  • Trang 5 says,

    Great engineering design work as well as a well written application note. This contractor was good at communicating expectations as well as fulfilling task requirements. Will be hiring him for other jobs in the future.

    for Create New Application Notes on Oct 14, 2016

  • Trang 5 says,

    Ahmed provided a great technical paper in a timely manner. He was very responsive to emails and we were pleased with the application note that he provided us. We will definitely work with him more in the future.

    for Create New Application Notes on Sep 21, 2016

  • DrBeauWebber says,

    Writes really clear and easy to understand code. I find that I can easily pick up the code he has written to modify it for related tasks. Works quickly.

    for VHDL state-machine, FTDI + Altera FPGA. on Sep 29, 2011