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Can a Few Words Online Really Turn Your Business Around?

I woke up looking at my phone shocked.

Apparently, the landing page we ran the day before skyrocketed our revenue…

It made a 2000% return in one night!

One landing page. Less than 400 words. Making 20x of what it’s spending!

That year, it made over $2 million in revenue. That’s $5,000 per word.

Now, before you get all excited. No, I didn’t write that $2M landing page. I’m not that awesome… yet.

I did, however, write an advertorial that made 900% ROAS...

Rewrite a health funnel that made $90k profit in 2 months...

And craft hundreds of compliant and scalable FB Ads.

I also increased a client’s subscriber list by 90% by adding a 100-word copy to a pain relief presell page...

Wrote a blog post that shot through Google’s 1st page after a week...

And crafted 50 compliant and scalable Facebook ads in one day (ugh, the headache)...

I even got a random guy on one of our ad saying “Wow... they sure have a creative writer.”

Imagine that… a few words turning your business around while being praised by strangers.

Yes, words can turn your pennies into dollars.
Your prospects into clients.
And your brand into a cult.

"But my mom told me to never trust strangers..."

Well, she taught you well.

Hi, my name is Bj (I know, nostalgic name),

I was the go-to copywriter of an international 7-figure direct response company that sold different affiliate and ecom offers throughout the years.

Before that, I was serving freelance clients all over the world.

“What you wrote was brilliant! Thanks much will definitely work with you again and again!” ~ Derick, owner of a health & beauty online store in Japan

"Bj was professional throughout the project. Every demand was met with a pleasing "can do" attitude." ~ Vivian, Digital Business Developer from Australia.

“His copy was modern and with good rationale. I can only recommend working with this freelancer.” ~ Andreas C. of Medflyer Enodio, a diagnostic lab in Germany

What I did for them, I can do for you:

- Do stalker-type research that reveals where your market’s buy button is.

- Write Facebook Ads and emails that stop your prospects mid-scroll, suck them in, and make them tap for more.

- Help you get away from the threat of rapid market changes and, instead, take advantage of it by adopting your core message.

- Write landing pages that’ll make your prospects happily give you their money… and make them come back for more.

- Be your partner to brainstorm big ideas and strategize funnels with clear goals.

So if you’re looking for a proven copywriter who can make a few words do magic for your business, send me a message so we can schedule a free 30-minute copy consultation call.

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