JW Myers

Frostburg, Maryland, United States

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Director/Writer (Producer/Editor/Coach)

I am a feature film director with two distributed feature films to my credit. "The Pledge" and "A Christmas Tree Miracle." You can find them at various streaming sites - there are probably plenty of illegal copies out there as well.

I write as well. I particularly enjoy being involved in the development process - putting the polish on the final shooting script. I have a lot of experience with story structure.

I will be honest, as a film and television writer/director, I'm pretty picky about what I will put my name on. But that's a good thing for you - I will tell you quickly whether I am interested, and we can either get started, or you can move on.

My specialty is working with actors. I am also an acting coach, and as the director, I am the conductor of the orchestra, bringing together all of the diverse styles of the cast and crew. One bad performance, even in a smallest role, can compromise the entire project. I am always deeply involved in casting, as it is, in my opinion, the key to making a great film.

It is difficult to set a rate for this kind of work, as everything depends on the budget. I will say that I have done all of the "free" work and "deferred pay" work that I will ever do. I'm a gun for hire.

I am open to commercial work. I have some experience designing advertising campaigns, and pulling the entire project together. I particularly enjoy "long-form" presentations designed for social media.

Thanks for reading all of this, and I'd love to help you turn your creative vision into a reality.

$125 / Hour
$1,000 minimum budget