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I have significant working knowledge and understanding of Adobe Edge Animate CC. I have worked many hours on projects independently and commercially.

I really enjoy 2D animation, especially in Edge, I understand how Edge works with labes, triggers, and timeline structures. I have vast experience working with Audio within Edge Animate. I created a children's eBook based on HTML5 and Edge Animate, within this project I dealt with over 30 audio clips playing and stopping according to event triggers. Most of the coding was done in the "compositionReady" function. (This may be helpful for those of you who know what this is - just so you know I don't only program within the snippets or timelines.

Several other projects I have worked with dealt with OAM files and exporting to HTML5. The most recent project with this concept, was building an interactive HTML5 based solution utilizing OAM file groupings. The project consisted of over 22 combined OAM groupings - each with independent animations. The concept did not use Flash, however it used Adobe Edge Animate and used Adobe Captivate to load the files.

I would be happy to investigate your issue/project! Again, I understand the syntax of Edge Animate with the additional knowledge of jQuery (what it was based off of). Please consider me for the help!

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