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Edit and Produce your Podcast

With my years of experience in producing podcasts of any kind, I can provide you the perfect service of editing and post production that will free yourself from the technicalities, letting you dedicate 100% to the creative aspect.
A precise editing, clean mixing and professional mastering will boost the quality of your show, making it more enjoyable for your audience.

I'll will guide you through the full process in order to give you a complete overview about how I work.

- I download the raw files/the recording project (depending on the used software - currently I accept Pro Tools, Cubase, Adobe Audition, Garage Band, Logic, Reaper and Audacity);

- I set up the session and I start the listening and editing process, that consists in removing long pauses, errors, wrong takes, huuum, eeehh, aaaah, uuuuh and any kind of similar "thinking" sounds while recording, of course respecting a natural speech flow; If you might desire particular sections removed, please simply provide related notes and timings;

- With the editing properly completed, I add any extra content like Sound Fxs, Intro & Outro (if you don't have any, I may create them for you with an additional charge), Backgrounds, Commercials, etc.;

- I proceed then to the mixing and the general enhancement of the audio, that include cleaning and restoration (essentially removing noise, unpleasant room acoustics and/or human speech "issues" like plosives, sibilants, mouth clicks etc).

- As final step of the chain, I refine the audio with the mastering, that will provide a professional crispy and clear sound, respecting broadcasting and streaming loudness standards.

- After having exported the final product in all the desired versions (.wav, .mp3), I deliver to the client using the preferred method, generally Dropbox and similar.

The delivery turnaround will be of max. 24h, ideally even less depending on what time you get in touch (and so your time zone). For long-term projects, packages and discount are offered!

Being proficient in Adobe Premiere as well, I do offer additional video services, delivering you a full video-cast product other than audio only. The minimum timing for this is 48h and it includes video editing, color grading, "low-thirds" added to all the audio services previously described.

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