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Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)

Tirnav’s B2B integration capabilities were designed to be used by business users, not Java developers. Tirnav’s EDI software is unique because it enables the automation of not just system-to-system and partner-to-system data flows, but also the more common human-to-system business processes where actual people need to interact with running data flows to view information, correct errors, and resubmit data if needed. With 3% of EDI transmissions containing errors and requiring manual intervention, this becomes an expensive problem for businesses who do high volumes of EDI transactions.

Many small and midsize businesses (SMBs) are looking to implement Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) to comply with the requirements of major retailers or other customers. But EDI can be so much more than a cost of doing business!

Why Choose Tirnav Solutions for EDI Integration?
-We can support your non-EDI-“speaking” partners, too.
-We drastically lower your Total Cost of Ownership of a B2Bi solution vis-a-vis Managed Service Providers and Value-Added Networks.
-We provide end-to-end automation of your B2B processes by directly integrating to your internal applications.
-We provide robust support for data transfer options.
-We use a business user-friendly approach that allows analysts to do self-service integration without code.
-We can automate the most complicated workflows, even those exception- and error-handling processes that rely on human intervention.

EDI is only the tip of what we have the capability to handle. If you’d like to learn more about how we can streamline your EDI software integration.

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