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You’re a small business owner who runs an innovative company with a highly marketable product and loyal clientele with whom you would like to engage with on a regular basis. You want to keep your clients updated on your business activities on a weekly basis, but you have neither the time nor the inclination to put all your work aside once a week and write a letter.


You’re a busy mom of three (including a 4-legged munchkin) and find yourself barely able to catch your breath most days, yet your extended family on two continents (or two neighbourhoods close by which may as well be on two separate continents) badger you constantly for news on the children, your comings and goings, oh, and the delicious recipes you tried out at the last family dinner. If you have a spare hour, you’d much rather book yourself a massage than sit down and write an update to everyone every week.

Regardless of who your audience is, I can help. Choose from the following three options:

Option 1:
You supply the highlights of your life or your business, I write the newsletter content for you and send it back to you for distribution every week.

Option 2:
You write the newsletter and send it to me. I populate it in an email campaign management and distribution service, handle your subscriber management and then send your newsletter out to your contact list.

Option 3:
You send me the highlights, and I take it from there: from writing your newsletter content to populating the content in a distribution service to managing your subscription list… I do everything short of hitting the “send” button: you review at your leisure and then send. I can even set multiple newsletters at a time up for you, and you can go in perhaps once a month and schedule a newsletter to send each week. It’s up to you!

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