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Engineering & Architecture

Embedded System (HW and FW) Developer

1) Many years of experience and knowledge with electronic components and suppliers.
2) Expertise in microcontrollers and microprocessors (e.g. ARM, 8051, PPC, x86, Renesas)
3) Expertise in embedded system design, including FPGA, CPLD, DSP
4) Experienced embedded firmware development with 'C', assembly
5) More than 10 years experience with high speed PCB layout
6) More than 10 years experience with schematic design
7) Gone through many product development cycles

Skills & Expertise

ArmAssembly LanguageC LanguageDesignDeveloperEmbedded SystemEngineeringFirmwareFirmware DevelopmentFPGAITMicrocontrollerMicroprocessorPcb LayoutPPCProduct DevelopmentSchematicSystem Design

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