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Excel: Charts and Graphs

"A picture is worth a thousand words" - You could paraphrase to say a Graph is worth a thousand numbers.

MS Excel ( and Google Sheets) provide us with one of the most powerful tools - to look at a series of numbers as a picture. Even for an experienced Finance Director a graph can help to bring out what is really happening behind a series of numbers. MS Excel graphs help us to see the trends, or to see how two sets of numbers are linking together.

I can help you build stunning, personalised Excel Graphs.

My KPI Report was a good example of how a complex message could be communicated effectively. I was asked by the MD of a rapidly expanding small business,to help him solve the problem of his monthly management meeting.

His team was made up of one finance manager - who understood numbers well - and 6 non financial managers who were not as experienced in dealing with raw statistics. We identified 8 key areas of the business covering each discipline ans I developed a graph for each.

The report you see is a one page summary prepared for the meeting and each manager in turn would talk about the months performance using their graph as a reference point.

The graphs were designed to be interactive so that the user could drill down by clicking on the graph and a full page would open showing the graph in detail alongside the underlying detail.

This simple solution was a great success for the MD who found his team engaged more fully in the meetings and were able to explain their own departments performance as well as ask intelligent questions of their colleagues.

This can apply to all kinds of individuals, businesses, schools and public organisations.
From personal expenses to sophisticated statistical analysis Excel provides a range of graphs to suit every need.

Excel graphs and charts are also a great way of communicating. In any presentation a well designed graph ca

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